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History of the Bagpipes

History of the Bagpipes

A Brief History of the Bagpipes

Where does the bagpipes come from? Who invented the bag pipes?

BagpiperBagpipes in one form or another have been played for over 3000 years and are first seen on sculptures from the middle east.

It's even considered possible that the emporer Nero of Rome could play them.

Bagpipes spread over to europe in the middle of the 13th century and came over to the UK about 100 years later.

They were very rare until about the 18th century when we begin to see the pipes as we know them today.




Are Bagpipes Irish or Scottish?

Scottish Highland Bagpipes

The Great Highland Bagpipes started to be used on the battle field in place of the trumpet in the 1500s and were noted to be used in the battle of Pinkie Cleugh in 1547.

It's about this time that we see the beginnings of the traditional tunes we associate with the pipes.

Irish Pipes

First noted in Ireland in 1581 by John Derrick in his book Image of Irelande.

What are the bagpipes made out of?

The main parts of the bagpipes are: the Bag, Blowstick, Chanter and Drones.

The bag is traditionally made from hide of Cow, Goat or Sheep but they are mainly synthetic on modern pipes.

The Blowstick, Chanter and Drones are made of wood.

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