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Piper West Midlands Bagpiper Hire #1061  
Pipe Band: 1061 Piper West Midlands Bagpiper Hire #1061
We perform at anything from the smallest private events to the largest public functions. From weddings to carnivals. From "surprise" parties to televised international sporting events. We are regularly invited back for repeat bookings, having fulfilled some engagements every year for more than ten years. On many occasions we have undertaken overseas bookings, spending long weekends in Spain, Italy - Based in West Midlands
Piper West Yorkshire Bagpiper Hire #2658  
Pipe Band: 2658 Piper West Yorkshire Bagpiper Hire #2658
A very experienced piper in the West Yorkshire Area and in 2010 and 2011 won the under 18 English Solo Piping Contest. He wears the full highland wear and is available for all occasions from Weddings to Funerals. - Based in West Yorkshire
Piper Hampshire Bagpiper Hire #2860  
Pipe Band: 2860 Piper Hampshire Bagpiper Hire #2860
Available as a solo pipers or as a full pipe band Drummers also available Pipers available with many years of experience Our pipers are very experienced and can play a wide selection of music appropriate to your event. - Based in Hampshire
Piper Essex Bagpiper Hire #3060  
Pipe Band: 3060 Piper Essex Bagpiper Hire #3060
Pipers have been known to lift the spirits of people for many hundreds of years, pipers are now popular at weddings, parties and dinners for this reason. impress your guests and make them remember the event with a piper or maybe a pipe band. A lot of people are very shocked and impressed when being piped into an event such as a party, wedding, Dinner etc. This always goes down very well. Bur - Based in Essex
Piper Gloucestershire Bagpiper Hire #3097  
Pipe Band: 3097 Piper Gloucestershire Bagpiper Hire #3097
Available as a solo piper for Weddings, Funerals, Burns Nights, New Year Parties and Corporate Events. The whole Band may be booked for carnivals, fetes, parades, weddings, and surprise parties. However, for the more select small formal occasions, individual pipers or small sections of the Band may also be engaged. - Based in Gloucestershire
Piper Greater London Bagpiper Hire #3100  
Pipe Band: 3100 Piper Greater London Bagpiper Hire #3100
The Entire band is led in musical direction by the Pipe Major, in drill by the Drum Major and the drum corps and its beatings are the responsibility of the Drum Sergeant - Based in Greater London
Piper Kent Bagpiper Hire #3626  
Pipe Band: 3626 Piper Kent Bagpiper Hire #3626
The band encourages disabled, young and elderly to participate actively within the group. The band has approximatley 22 members and our aim is to promote piping and drumming to the community at home and abroad. We have performed in Spain, Hungary, Sicily, Finland, Korea, Turkey and many other venues. The band is currently developing to competition level - Based in Kent
Piper Wiltshire Bagpiper Hire #3853  
Pipe Band: 3853 Piper Wiltshire Bagpiper Hire #3853
This Piper has played throughout the United Kingdom and many Overseas Events including for Royalty, Ministerial, Senior Military Staff, Celebrities, Corporate Events and has appeared on stage productions TV and radio. Having a military career spanning 24 years he is fully conversant with Regimental Mess etiquette and has played at The United Kingdom Defence Academy for Senior Military Staff, an - Based in Wiltshire
Piper Merseyside Bagpiper Hire #4094  
Pipe Band: 4094 Piper Merseyside Bagpiper Hire #4094
Book an individual Piper for Funerals, Wedding, Burns Nights, New Year etc or Book a mini or full pipe band for your event. - Based in Merseyside
Piper Fife Bagpiper Hire #4205  
Pipe Band: 4205 Piper Fife Bagpiper Hire #4205
The band strives to promote excellence in the fields of piping and drumming and aim to provide an educational, social and enjoyable environment for anyone wishing to participate in Fife and it's surrounding towns and villages. We believe that by offering expert tuition, support and advice we can raise the profile of piping and drumming, improve standards and encourage greater participation. - Based in Fife
Piper Fife Bagpiper Hire #4206  
Pipe Band: 4206 Piper Fife Bagpiper Hire #4206
The pipe band is a registered Scottish Charity, The band is able to provide single pipers, a mini-band or a full band for all types of events and functions. - Based in Fife
Piper Durham Bagpiper Hire #4291  
Pipe Band: 4291 Piper Durham Bagpiper Hire #4291
- Based in Durham